Why Kontenders Poker?

Filling your seats has never been easier, with poker from Kontender Entertainment!

We're Here To Help You Succeed

Choose a Slow Night

Our players come out every night of the week, with over $300,000 in prize money on the line.

Our Players Spend Money

We collect receipts and can show you how much our players have spent.

Online Promotion

Your venue will have its own page on our website, and we will link to yours. We aggressively promote your games (and your brand) in social media.

No Other League Offers So Much to Players

We give our players lots of reasons to keep coming back. From nightly prizes to paid trips to Las Vegas, the incentives are almost endless, and that is why our players are loyal.

The Bar Poker Open

The Bar Poker Open is a consortium of bar leagues from around the country that gets together two time a year -- once in Las Vegas and once in Atlantic City -- for a series of outstanding poker events.

The "main event" at the bar poker open is a "national championship" with guaranteed prize pools of $300,000 each year.

You can see how this is something poker players in your area can get excited about!

Follow Our Proven Plan

  • You identify a night which is generally slow for you.

  • We set a launch date and publicize the event.

  • We provide all equipment, and a tournament director to run the event.

  • Players show up early and buy food and drinks.

  • We collect receipts and produce reports to show what our players spent.

We Help You Build Your Brand

New Customers

Most likely, many of our players will be new to your venue. You'll have a chance to wow them, so they will come back, and will tell their friends.

Dedicated Web Page

We will build a dedicated page on our site just for you, and you will have the ability to publish a "message from the venue" on that page. We also link generously to your own website.

Social Media

We have a very active presence on Facebook and we are beginning to expand into other social media channels. When we promote your games, we tag your accounts and / or link to your website. Visibility, and Search Engine Optimization benefits.

Full Parking Lot

Seems like a small thing, but you know if your lot is empty, people driving by will form conclusions about your place of business.

Players Love Kontenders

Many of them play multiple nights per week.

Tony Colon

Our Players Spend Money

This is, of course, where the rubber meets the road, and we are well aware of that. Therefore we have implemented several programs to incentivise our players to spend money.*

Most of our players understand that if they don't patronize the venue, the game will go away. 

We have some venues that have been with us for years.

* Incentives may vary from one state or municipality to another, to comply with local gaming laws.

VIP Program

You can participate in our VIP program that offers discounts to our regular players. You will sometimes see players coming in even when there is no poker!

Ready to find out more? Get started today!

Kontenders Poker. Helping you fill your bar with happy customers.