Apex, NC
November 2, 2016
The cougar is checking in from the mountains of West V. as I jus got to my folks house about 20 min ago. I have to say thanks to all of my poker peeps for the congrats and well wishes over the past week. I have been blessed so much during that time. I have to give a shout out to this Poker League and Tom for putting it all together, keeping it all together and doing a ton of work behind the scenes that none of us will ever know. To have the opportunity to play poker whenever I want with an absolutely wonderful group of men and women, is a true blessing. I appreciate the way all of you play against me with kindness an respect and to you I give that respect back to you. I look forward to poker time to get to socialize with all of you and to get to play the game I love so much. It is remarkable for no buy in nightly, that you can have an opportunity to chase your dreams and mine has always been to play in the WSOP. As the points champ, I am going to Cherokee and proudly represent the league and talk to everyone who will listen about our special league. I truly wish I had some kind of apparel to wear while playing at Cherokee. I love this league so much.
Again, thanks Tom for all you do and I know very little of what you do behind the scenes. I appreciate the opportunity you have given all of us to play the great game of poker with jus the time spent, the gas to get to the venues and the money spent supporting the bar but still rewarding us in the end with these great prizes.
Simply put…..JOB WELL DONE TOM!!!!!! To those of you who are going to Cherokee, good luck and hope to see ya at the felt. To those who aren’t going, see ya back in the Triangle very soon.
Happy Thanksgiving to all and be safe, and always be thankful for the little things that come your way. God bless and love you all, “Cougar” Tim Bailey

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