Charlotte Region
November 2, 2016

I just wanted to comment on how much I enjoy Kontenders Poker.

I have been playing Texas Holdem for years and the past 8 years I have been a tournament director for “another” tavern league. Then Kontenders came around and I felt it was my obligation to check out the “competition.”

However to my surprise I really enjoyed the way the tournament was run. They had great chip incentives and the prizes were awesome. Chances to become Player of the Month and win $50, that I am happy to say I have received. And now they now have a monthly tournament for Player of the Month where you can receive a card protector, and win a seat to Atlantic City for a $100,000 Tournament. The venues that had BPO’s to be handed out as prizes, were also for a chance to play poker online and win seat to play in the Bar Poker Open $100,000 Tournament in Atlantic City or the $200,000 Tournament held in Las Vegas. This was a chance EVERY WEEK to play online once you have won a BPO token. I played for years on the “other league” and never had any prizes that came like that.

Needless to say, I was so impressed with the Kontenders Poker League that I stopped playing for the other league and became a Tournament Director for Kontenders Poker. I also convinced the venue that I worked for to change over to Kontenders Poker. They picked up handing out BPO’s as part of the prizes given out and my players look forward to winning a game and trying their luck online.

I also want to mention that Tom that runs the league, has been very helpful and we speak often about the league and where it’s going, and any problems I have he is right there to offer help and advice. So I would highly recommend for any venues looking to bring customers in on a slow night, check out having Kontender Poker offered at your venue and see how much fun and business you can have.

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