Austin, TX
July 15, 2019

Kontenders Poker is the best. I love the fun friendly venues and people especially. It has been fantastic to meet so many nice people and make life long connections with such a diverse group.
It gives my dad and I do do something fun weekly and get out of the house. I play poker with my Son, nephews, brother and friends. The venues are safe and fun and it actually feels like family.
Kontenders is much more than a poker league. It an social event that happens daily.
I have already qualified for a seat to Vegas and Dad is working on his seat. The league rolls up into Bar Poker Open. I missed the last trip because I didn’t understand it’s much more than a poker game. I definitely had FOMO after seeing the pictures on FaceBook.
The league sponsors Veterans which I am very proud to be part of that process.
The league is so respectful of its patrons and is so much fun meeting and talking with so many interesting individuals