Raleigh-Durham Region
November 2, 2016

Just want to express my gratitude to Kontenders Poker and share what/why I’m happy to be playing in this league.

1. Playing poker any night of the week is available in my area. I learned this game while playing with Nextdai, then Knockout and now Kontenders and enjoy the hell out of playing and learning every night, even crap nights 😉

2. Prizes that are available for getting lucky! Yes, there are the nightly prizes but there are bigger prizes available for “sticking with it” and grinding out season after season. Currently I hold 4 seats, 2 from online BPO games and 2 from League charity games which are truly flexible and have my next 2 BPO Opens in Atlantic City and Las Vegas covered for both Day 1A and 1B! Not too shabby!

3. Charity events! I’m happy to contribute and the prizes are great. I have a roundtrip tour bus ride for Atlantic City AND currently, in no small part due to playing as many charity games as I can, I’m in the top spot to win the WSOP $365 buy-in for Cherokee! I’m not bragging, and may not win it or anything else, but I’ve put myself in a position to win by playing these special events!

4. The “poker family” mentality that courses through the league! Many care about others and community issues and come together to support these causes in various ways. As a TD I see the other TD’s helping each other as well as players stepping up when required to help the league and ultimately help the players of the league by providing the best possible product and incentives and prizes for all of us, the players! Player of the month, VIP, regionals, Big Spender tourneys and BPO Opens all provide ways to play poker and win prizes including cash, and the league does this without limitless resources, believe me on that! Oh yeah, who had a blast playing for the Caribbean WSOP seat?

I’m happy to support the league by small things such as buying T-shirts etc every year, renewing my VIP, spending some money in the venues and even volunteering to be a TD. Those things are my payback for being able to play “free poker” in a league that gives back to the players, and the community….Thank you Kontenders!

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