Pittsboro, NC
November 2, 2016

Howard and I have played league poker since 2005. We have played in three different leagues and this League is by far the best! The obvious reasons are: fun players, great comradery, comfortable venues, challenging competition. However, it goes beyond that. This league has a heart. It cares about the players, the bar/restaurant owners, and the community. Players actually have an opportunity to win points AND money at each game, prizes at the end of the season, and the seats in the BIG games at Cherokee or Atlantic City! Bars/restaurants get the benefit of hungry/thirsty players who spread the word about their fare and generate more business. The community benefits in a hundred ways as our leader, Tom Weigand, organizes a multitude of charity events that let players win and give back at the same time! And of course there is Tom’s VIP program which, for a small fee, gives players a multitude of discounts throughout the area. We love the spirit and integrity of this League as represented by it’s Director! Semper fidelis! Always faithful!

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