Kontenders Poker League

This is where it all started, and Kontenders Poker League is still our flagship product.

With over 1500 regular players, across multiple states and dozens of venues, we are growing fast.

And there are reasons for that! At close to $400,000 a year in cash and travel packages, no other league offers more money to their players than we do!

We are one of the top affiliated leagues with Bar Poker Open, which is taking the bar poker world by storm. Players are incentivized by the opportunity to win over $300,000 a year, plus numerous travel packages to play in Las Vegas. One of our players won $23,000 last year, and many of our players travel to Las Vegas for free!

Put these highly motivated players in YOUR seats every week, so they can eat and drink from your menu while they play their friendly and fun poker games!

Kontenders Poker is a Done-For-You Service

We do it all. You just provide the table space and the prizes, we do the rest.

Let Us Co-Promote Your Games

We are aggressive about promoting all of our games on various social media platforms. We tag our customers venues while we work hard to draw players in.

And, each of our venues gets their own full web age on our site, with the ability to include a custom description and a "message from the owner" to the players. These pages are proving to do well in the search engines, yet another way we work to make our games a smashing success not just for our players but also for our partner venues.

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Join Us!

We are looking to expand across the country. If you are a bar owner, or if you run a small poker league that might benefit from becoming a part of what we are doing, please contact us today. We should talk!

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