poker night in a box

Looking for a way to Bring in New Customers that doesn't Cost you a Fortune?

If you like the idea of having a weekly poker game, and you or a staff member are available to run the game, then Look no Further!

Kontenders Poker now offers Poker in a Box.

What does Poker in the Box get you?

  • Enough Chips and cards  for 30 players
  • Posters for your Venue
  • Social Media and website advertisement
  • A state of the art scoring platform
  • * Deposit of $100 is required and you may purchase the chips at end of Contract for an extra $50.

    Your top players will have a chance to compete for a spot in Las Vegas 200 K event or Atlantic City 100 K event!
    We provide you training and marketing to make your night successful. All at a low cost of $55 nightly.

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