Want to express my gratitude….I’m happy to be playing in this league

Just want to express my gratitude to Kontenders Poker and share what/why I’m happy to be playing in this league.

1. Playing poker any night of the week is available in my area. I learned this game while playing with Nextdai, then Knockout and now Kontenders and enjoy the hell out of playing and learning every night, even crap nights 😉

2. Prizes that are available for getting lucky! Yes, there are the nightly prizes but there are bigger prizes available for “sticking with it” and grinding out season after season. Currently I hold 4 seats, 2 from online BPO games and 2 from League charity games which are truly flexible and have my next 2 BPO Opens in Atlantic City and Las Vegas covered for both Day 1A and 1B! Not too shabby!

3. Charity events! I’m happy to contribute and the prizes are great. I have a roundtrip tour bus ride for Atlantic City AND currently, in no small part due to playing as many charity games as I can, I’m in the top spot to win the WSOP $365 buy-in for Cherokee! I’m not bragging, and may not win it or anything else, but I’ve put myself in a position to win by playing these special events!

4. The “poker family” mentality that courses through the league! Many care about others and community issues and come together to support these causes in various ways. As a TD I see the other TD’s helping each other as well as players stepping up when required to help the league and ultimately help the players of the league by providing the best possible product and incentives and prizes for all of us, the players! Player of the month, VIP, regionals, Big Spender tourneys and BPO Opens all provide ways to play poker and win prizes including cash, and the league does this without limitless resources, believe me on that! Oh yeah, who had a blast playing for the Caribbean WSOP seat?

I’m happy to support the league by small things such as buying T-shirts etc every year, renewing my VIP, spending some money in the venues and even volunteering to be a TD. Those things are my payback for being able to play “free poker” in a league that gives back to the players, and the community….Thank you Kontenders!

Greg Barone Player, TD

The best group of players HANDS DOWN.

Can I just say this is the best group of players HANDS DOWN. Thanks to everyone….y’all always help out and it is so appreciated! Daniel Casiere, Brandy Lambert and Mario y’all rock! Everyone makes sure nothing needs to be done before leaving.
If y’all aren’t playing at The Upper Deck, you’re missing out! AND the food is really good!

Kelly Pink Player / TD

Not only is this league full of good people, but it’s the only one of its kind that pay so much cash to its players.

After Cashing in the VIP. I sat down and did some math. Scary stuff, but I have made over 1000 dollars playing poker since it began. Not only is this league full of good people, but it’s the only one of its kind that pay so much cash to its players. I’m thankful for all the hard work Tom Wiegand Jr.puts into it. I’m buying him a beer next time I play poker with him. Thank you dude

Carl Riggsbee Player

We have played in three different leagues and this League is by far the best!

Howard and I have played league poker since 2005. We have played in three different leagues and this League is by far the best! The obvious reasons are: fun players, great comradery, comfortable venues, challenging competition. However, it goes beyond that. This league has a heart. It cares about the players, the bar/restaurant owners, and the community. Players actually have an opportunity to win points AND money at each game, prizes at the end of the season, and the seats in the BIG games at Cherokee or Atlantic City! Bars/restaurants get the benefit of hungry/thirsty players who spread the word about their fare and generate more business. The community benefits in a hundred ways as our leader, Tom Weigand, organizes a multitude of charity events that let players win and give back at the same time! And of course there is Tom’s VIP program which, for a small fee, gives players a multitude of discounts throughout the area. We love the spirit and integrity of this League as represented by it’s Director! Semper fidelis! Always faithful!

Ieva Spons Player

I believe I’ve won well over $500 playing in the bars this past season and we’re not done yet!

I do enjoy playing in the league! Varying skill levels among the players and playing literally over one hundred games in a season helps me learn how to play Hold’Em and (hopefully), improve my own game. I started playing poker for the 1st time ever myself with this League about 2 years ago. I have played World Tavern also since starting but generally leave after a short stint as it just isn’t as enjoyable for me, I’ll leave it at that. I enjoy seeing the people in the league, yeah, some can be “quirky” at times but I’m sure they feel the same towards me, overall good people from all walks of life who have a common interest in playing cards. It doesn’t hurt to win some cash and/or gift certificates along the way, I believe I’ve won well over $500 playing in the bars this past season and we’re not done yet. VIP discounts; I use them often both at and away from poker nights Rudy’s, West Park and now Ginza (wife used it there on the day after Ginza’s membership was announced). I also enjoy the giving aspect of the charity and “add ons” such as bring a toy for bonus chips etc. as these items go to good causes and I can play poker while doing a little something for somebody local and in some type of need. A cure for Keegan is another example. So yeah, I’m kind of addicted to poker and the league at this point. So good games, good and varying venues, great people and TDs (I’ll leave myself out of that description as a novice TD, and yes, I got involved enough, and felt strong enough that this is a good operation, to become a TD which was not my plan!), great prizes including championships with cash prizes and now the Bar Poker Open involvement as well as WSOP Cherokee based prizes and considerations. There’s more such as the VIP tournament etc., but I think you get my take on League poker and the community of regulars and new players that make it what it is.

Greg Barone Player / TD

highlight of my life this year…love my poker family to the moon and back

Being a VIP for this League has been the highlight of my life this year..Tom Wiegand Jr. It has been a pleasure and I want to say thanks for taking me under your wing as well as taking my chips..lol.. We won’t talk about the times I took yours!…I would like to say a big Thank You for all the hard work you do and many prayers for putting up with all of us! I have sung your praise for this NDL and will keep telling everyone I know how much fun and giving back to the commu…nity this is… Little Debbie cakes for meals on on week end for shut-ins (sponsored by Road House )and toys for tots! Just the most recent projects you put together here in Chatham ..thanks for being you and what a kind heart you have..just remember give and it shall benefit many..love my poker family to the moon and back… Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas..

Mary Bennett Player

I love this league so much…Job Well Done!!!!

The cougar is checking in from the mountains of West V. as I jus got to my folks house about 20 min ago. I have to say thanks to all of my poker peeps for the congrats and well wishes over the past week. I have been blessed so much during that time. I have to give a shout out to this Poker League and Tom for putting it all together, keeping it all together and doing a ton of work behind the scenes that none of us will ever know. To have the opportunity to play poker whenever I want with an absolutely wonderful group of men and women, is a true blessing. I appreciate the way all of you play against me with kindness an respect and to you I give that respect back to you. I look forward to poker time to get to socialize with all of you and to get to play the game I love so much. It is remarkable for no buy in nightly, that you can have an opportunity to chase your dreams and mine has always been to play in the WSOP. As the points champ, I am going to Cherokee and proudly represent the league and talk to everyone who will listen about our special league. I truly wish I had some kind of apparel to wear while playing at Cherokee. I love this league so much.
Again, thanks Tom for all you do and I know very little of what you do behind the scenes. I appreciate the opportunity you have given all of us to play the great game of poker with jus the time spent, the gas to get to the venues and the money spent supporting the bar but still rewarding us in the end with these great prizes.
Simply put…..JOB WELL DONE TOM!!!!!! To those of you who are going to Cherokee, good luck and hope to see ya at the felt. To those who aren’t going, see ya back in the Triangle very soon.
Happy Thanksgiving to all and be safe, and always be thankful for the little things that come your way. God bless and love you all, “Cougar” Tim Bailey

Tim Bailey Player

There is tremendous value in this league.

Seriously! In the 3 months Kontenders has been here in Austin I have earned 4 tokens, played in 3 of the Sunday weekly qualifier tournaments and got “into the money” in 2 of them. I turned one of those into an entry into the $200,000 tournament in Las Vegas and now I’m going to use my second one for another one next year. There is tremendous value in this league. I’m not even the best player in the league and I’ve managed to do this. Also, a huge bonus is that the $200,000 Bar Poker Open tournament occurs right as the WSOP is going on so you get to experience that as well. This league has already done more for my poker game than 3 years has in other leagues. Just sayin’!

Joel Brandenburg Player

League is Truly the Best

From the bottom of our hearts, Sami & I want to thank everyone who came to the Saturday event & to thank everyone that couldn’t make it & still donated! A thank-you to Sara who sponsored Sami & a very special thank-you to Tom for sponsoring Sami also, & for putting this together! This league is truly the best around! They care about their players, & do so much for so many different charities. I consider all of you my second family! Thanks again & we love you all!

Stacy Seff Player

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Always Have a Good Time

We have been playing poker at Two Rivers Tavern for about a year now, what a great bar and the food is terrific! Clayton and Sarah make everyone feel welcome and we always have a good time. We have become friends with a lot of the players. We keep going back to play because of all the great things mentioned. Everyone needs to come and check it out. The BEST POKER LEAGUE in San Antonio, KONTENDERS.

Patricia and Dennis Young

Having a Blast Playing

I have always had a interest in poker and since finding this league I have been having a blast playing. There is a venue for everybody and the tournament directors run a smooth game.

Thanks for having this awesome league, Tom!

Luke Rivers

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Hope They Continue Forever

I thoroughly enjoy playing Free Roll poker with Kontenders San Antonio. I’ve played with other leagues before, but never felt as at home and welcome, or as trusting as I do with our directors here. It is so much fun and the folks who play are all very courteous and respectful. I hope they continue forever here!

Lynn Whitehead Player

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Everybody’s Friendly

Good people, good food, good atmosphere. Everybody’s friendly.

Andy Murray

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The Best Run…A Lot of Fun

Kontenders Poker at Dave’s Place is super! I have and do play all over. And this is the best run glory of all. Besides veteran owned the kindness and play is super. Food amazing but more than that. All the bells and whistles. Love the computer check in. Fritz the TD runs a great game. A lot of fun being here.

Mike Bradley

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Very Welcoming

I started playing poker just one year ago, and started with Kontenders Poker at Dave’s Place. The overall environment is very welcoming, and the more experienced players have been very helpful to this rookie player. I would recommend this organization and its current TD to all.

Tom Kirk-Conrad

Safe and Fun, it Actually Feels Like Family

Kontenders Poker is the best. I love the fun friendly venues and people especially. It has been fantastic to meet so many nice people and make life long connections with such a diverse group.
It gives my dad and I do do something fun weekly and get out of the house. I play poker with my Son, nephews, brother and friends. The venues are safe and fun and it actually feels like family.
Kontenders is much more than a poker league. It an social event that happens daily.
I have already qualified for a seat to Vegas and Dad is working on his seat. The league rolls up into Bar Poker Open. I missed the last trip because I didn’t understand it’s much more than a poker game. I definitely had FOMO after seeing the pictures on FaceBook.
The league sponsors Veterans which I am very proud to be part of that process.
The league is so respectful of its patrons and is so much fun meeting and talking with so many interesting individuals

Paul Dicks

A Place for Everyone at Kontenders

Kontenders brings a diverse experience to poker. It’s a unique combination of social fun and competitive games. I have beginner players that want to learn how to play, players that want to hang out with friends while enjoying cards and a beer, and other players that are trying new poker strategies and strengthening their game for trips to casinos. There’s a place for everyone at Kontenders.

Andrea Martindill