Awesome and Great people good customer service the most important thing they love each other and they Care.
Thank you Kontenders Texas Group

Kammy Ovisi Owner, ATX Monte Carlo July 17, 2019

Kontenders Poker has helped pack our bar with customers on a weekly basis

Kontenders has been with Break Time Billiards in Cary since we opened 5 years ago. Kontenders Poker has helped pack our bar with customers on a weekly basis, even during slow times. Kontenders Poker goes above and beyond any other league in this area. Tom has held many charity events at Break Time and helped give back to the local community. Tom has always been there for us when we needed him.

Sara Horsley Owner, Break Time Billiards July 15, 2019

This League is a Great Asset…a Well Run Organization

My name is Richard Oakley and I am the owner of the Train Station Bar and Grill in Cary NC. I have hosted Texas Holdem with League for about two years now. They have helped my sales on slow nights tremendously. But the important thing to me is they have given me the opportunity to impress new customers and earn their business in the future other than poker. They will always advertise my events for me even if it has nothing to do with their league. They have helped the Train Station Bar and Grill give back to the community by hosting charity events. This League is a great asset to my establishment and a well run organization. Very easy to communicate with.

Richard Oakley Owner, Train Station Bar & Grill November 2, 2016

We got more that we bargained for! Your players have become family…staff are top notch.

Hey Tom and the Crew! I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all that you do for us.

Over a year ago when we first took over Rudy’s of Apex we were looking for another weekly event we could add to our schedule that would help increase business on what would otherwise be one of the slower days of the week.

We got more that we bargained for! Not only have we increased business on Wednesdays but we have also added to our family of regulars here at the bar. Your league players have become valuable members of our patron base and more importantly our family here at Rudy’s. Your staff are top notch professionals and we look forward to a continued mutually beneficial relationship!

Rob Bankoski Owner, Rudy's Rudy's November 2, 2016